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Prep To Music

*Snap Inspiration*

What you will need

Time estimate
​10 minutes

Different types of music, equipment to play music (speakers, etc)


Have you ever noticed how music can change the way you feel, or guide your thinking? This Instigator of Thought challenge includes suggested playlists and ways you might incorporate more music into the independent work your students do. 

Begin by thinking through the following questions: 

  • What's the last song you listened to that made you want to dance? 

  • When in your life have you listened to music while you work? What stands out to you about the kind of music you tend to listen to in those moments? 

  • Have you ever found a particular song that makes you feel more productive? 

  • How about a song that makes you feel happy? 

Music can make things we struggle with a little easier. Try creating a playlist of songs that help you get things done, listen to them while you plan, and see what happens. If you're not sure where to begin with such a list, music streaming sites often have playlists build around themes, genres, or moods. Here are some examples to explore from Spotify: 


  • Focus Music (​Over 1000 piano and classical songs to help you focus. Instrumental / no vocals. All songs are hand-picked and the list is updated regularly.)

  • Flow State: Productivity and Work Music (Steady low and mid-tempo music to help you concentrate, work, and be productive. // Lo-fi hiphop, instrumentals, chilled beats.)


Pay attention to what songs help you focus and what songs make you jump from your seat and dance. You probably don't want the later for lesson planning, but you will appreciate those songs when you need to get up and exercise. 

So along those lines, there are playlists that may come in handy for helping your students work independently. 

And then there are playlists that you need to give you an energy boost. These can be useful when you're having students transition from one activity to the next (or when YOU are) or as ways to open and close your classes. Here are some examples:


  • Energy Booster (An energy-boosting blend of radio hits with a dash of songs by up-and-coming artists.)

  • Energy Beats (Get your energy levels high with up-tempo beats!)

Once you start tapping into the power of music you'll start finding new things that work for you. Just as in an exceptional movie, the music or lackthereof can have a profound effect on what we experience. Music isn't always helpful or necessary, but strategically placed it just may make a difference! 

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