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What is Inspired Teaching?

Center for Inspired Teaching envisions a future in which every person is prepared to thrive in and contribute to our complex and rapidly changing world, through an education that teaches students how to think.

Inspired Teaching's mission is to transform the preK-12 school system by cultivating changemaking educators who authentically engage their students as active learners and empathetic critical thinkers.


What we do:

Inspired Teaching partners with the teacher as the leverage point for change in the education system. We invest in preK-12 teachers at all stages of their careers through programs that prepare new teachers, strengthen the practice of in-service teachers, and amplify teachers’ work as changemakers. Through our programs, we ensure that every teacher becomes an Instigator of Thought®.


Instigators of Thought demand more from their students than passive compliance or rote memorization. They recognize the unique, inherent potential in every child, and challenge their students to think critically and creatively, solve complex problems, collaborate, and pursue continual learning and growth. Inspired Teachers create, cultivate, and advocate for engagement-based classrooms so that every child is able to thrive in, and contribute to, our complex and rapidly changing world.


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