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Know Your Students...Better

You and your students have been together for 2 months or more, and you have gotten to know each other.  For many students, you know what they enjoy, what they dislike, where they struggle, how to encourage them.  But knowing, understanding, and building relationships with students is a continual process - a process that strengthens your classroom community.  


That’s why for this theme we are challenging you to know your students better. Teacher-student relationships matter.  Research - and many teachers’ experiences - prove that when you build trust with your students and show students that you genuinely care about them, they will work harder, have more positive attitudes about school, and even learn more.

Begin with one of the challenges below

See With Fresh Eyes

Pick three "difficult" students and/or students you don't know that well. Learn something new.

What Will They Learn?

Ask your students what they want their classmates to learn from them this year.

Lunch Date

*Snap Inspiration*

Spend your lunchtime eating with a small group of students. Don't talk about school.

Don't Speak

*Snap Inspiration*

What happens in your classroom when you stop talking?

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