Spark Intrinsic Motivation

What motivates your students? Science tells us that incentives, praise, and rewards actually decrease children’s (and adults’) motivation and willingness to take risks. But tapping into children’s innate desire to learn drives creativity, effort, and, ultimately, learning. 


We challenge you to shift away from using extrinsic motivators in your classroom by offering challenges and resources to help you activate students’ intrinsic motivation, provide meaningful feedback, and focus on the learning process rather than on right or wrong answers.

Begin with one of the challenges below

Make Praise Meaningful

Track how often you issue praise to students, and what type of praise you are offering. Choose a lesson and make your praise more descriptive.

What Drives You?

*Snap Inspiration*

Think about the last time you learned a new skill or dug into finding out about a new topic - just because it mattered to you.

If You Want To Be President

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As your students: If you wanted to be a good president, what would you need to know about?