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Every once in a while, you need a little spark of inspiration. Try something new with these simple yet powerful challenges. No planning required.

Begin with one of the challenges below

What Drives You?

*Snap Inspiration*

Think about the last time you learned a new skill or dug into finding out about a new topic - just because it mattered to you.

Say "Yet"

*Snap Inspiration*

Add "yet" to transform "I can't" to "I'm still learning and will figure it out!"

Lunch Date

*Snap Inspiration*

Spend your lunchtime eating with a small group of students. Don't talk about school.

Let Go Of Deliver

*Snap Inspiration*

Change your language to reflect students’ active role in learning, and alter your perspective on teaching.

Make Room

*Snap Inspiration*

How much of your room is devoted to the students vs the teacher?

Prep To Music

*Snap Inspiration*

How do different types of music energize you for the day? How do they affect your readiness to greet your students?

Don't Speak

*Snap Inspiration*

What happens in your classroom when you stop talking?

If You Want To Be President

*Snap Inspiration*

Ask your students: If you wanted to be a good president, what would you need to know about?

Say "Yes" More

*Snap Inspiration*

Challenge yourself to find ways to say "yes" more often than you say "no".

Share Your Voice

*Snap Inspiration*

Instead of saying "Speak up" to a quiet student, say "Share your voice".

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