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Move & Groove

Inspired teachers know that learning involves not just the brain, but also the body. Incorporating physical movement as part of the learning process means deeper engagement and a richer learning experience.


Movement in the classroom comes in different forms - energizing breaks within lessons, physical activity during recess and transitions, intentional movement built into lessons, and more. Similarly, music activates the brain, affects the energy level and mood in a classroom, and can help children relax and focus.  

Begin with one of the challenges below

Take A Break And Move!

Choose 1-2 transitions within the classroom. Replace the routine with one that emphasizes movement.

Walk The Walk

Have a discussion with students to re-think ways to creatively walk in the hall that still meet school expectations. Then, try them out.

Prep To Music

*Snap Inspiration*

How do different types of music energize you for the day? How do they affect your readiness to greet your students?

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