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Create An Inspired Learning Environment

Build strong relationships with and among your students.


Empower your students to take ownership over their learning.


Embed your students’ feelings, work, and questions into the very walls of your classrooms.

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Begin with one of the challenges below

Emotion Continuum

Create a system to allow your students to communicate their feelings and build socio-emotional awareness

Graffiti Board

Provide a blank canvas where students are free to create.

Poster Analysis

Analyze the posters provided- what are the unintended or implicit messages?

Profile Pages

Create small posters with students so that you, and they, can get to know each other better.

Ask, "What did we do today/this week that you want to make sure you remember?"Keep a record throughout the year

Scribe's Record

Make Room

*Snap Inspiration*

How much of your room is devoted to the students vs the teacher?

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