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Ask, Don't Tell

Inspired Teachers think of teaching as a cycle. Teachers first observe, then plan, then instigate students’ thinking. As students move through their thinking and learning process, the teacher’s cycle continues.  


The practice of asking questions is at the heart of these cycles. Through questions, a teacher facilitates a student-led process of constructing knowledge - rather than directing learning - in which the student is the expert. 


This month’s challenges encourage you to carefully observe, plan according to your observations, use questions to prompt students’ thinking and propel your lessons, and ask questions about students to better understand their learning needs.

Begin with one of the challenges below

Track The Questions You Ask

Tape your class and then then track the kinds of questions you ask. Reflect on how to make them more meaningful.

Ask "So What?"

Challenge yourself when planning lessons to consider why the lesson content matters to your students.

Share Questions With Families

Send your students' families questions to

ask at home.

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