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Profile Pages

We know that we are most successful as teachers when we know our students well, and when we foster a trusting community of learners in the classroom. Profile Pages is a simple yet powerful activity that helps you to learn more about your students, to make sure introverts and extroverts alike feel heard and valued, and to reveal and strengthen meaningful connections between peers.

Profile Pages
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What you will need

Time estimate
​~30 minutes total

Budget at least 15 minutes to plan and 15 minutes to teach.



Chart paper (optional), construction paper, markers, glue sticks, scissors, a camera/ developed photos of each of your students


  1. Set up: Write the prompts on chart paper / a whiteboard, etc. Clear space in your classroom for each student to hang up his or her poster. Collect materials for students to create their posters.

  2. Set aside some time at the beginning or end of a class period to build your classroom community, linking the activity to your curriculum or other objectives according your professional judgment. Set out materials for students to create one-page posters on which they answer a minimum of 8 questions, including their name. You can choose the 8, or leave it up to the students to decide/create prompts. Prompts may include ones like:

    • Nickname

    • Siblings

    • What you like to do in your free time

    • Favorite book

    • Favorite movie

    • Favorite place you have visited

    • Dogs or cats?

    • Life motto

    • Favorite food

    • Claim to fame

    • Sports allegiances

    • What you like to play

    • Three people, dead or alive, you would want to meet

    • Your hero

    • Something you’re curious about

    • Secret talents

    • The weirdest thing you’ve ever learned

  3. Encourage students to use words, drawings, and whatever materials are at their disposal to express themselves creatively. The posters can be straightforward or abstract, cluttered or clean. No matter what, they should be authentic.

  4. After students are done with their posters, give them time and space to hang them up, read each other’s creations, and share new things they have learned about each other.

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